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    Can Virgin hair be dyed?

    Yes. Virgin human hair can be dyed any color. Please keep in mind, virgin hair is like our own hair and can be damaged from over processing the hair with chemicals. Be sure to speak with a licensed stylist before chemically treating the hair. 

    How long will my Virgin extensions last?

    With proper maintenance, your virgin hair can last up to a year or longer.

    How do I maintain my virgin hair?

    Virgin hair is much like your own hair,here's a few tips. shampoo and condition the hair once or twice a week. (Organics Moroccan or Brazilian). Avoid using heavy oils on the hair; it will weigh your hair down. We recommend sleeping on satin pillows or with a satin cap to avoid friction while sleeping. Please NEVER EVER sleep on wet hair. When sleeping, we highly recommend that you braid or wrap your hair to prevent tangling. Keep in mind, the hair is not attached to your scalp, so it’s not receiving the nutrients your natural hair is getting, so proper maintenance is required.

    How many ounces of hair are in each bundle of hair wefts?

    One bundle is equivalent to 100grams or 3.5 ounces

    How many bundles are needed for a full head?

    Most people normally would use 3 bundles to get a full head. Longer lengths have shorter wefts, So possibly 4 bundles. Consult your stylist to make sure you get enough hair to complete the style you’re seeking.

    What is a weft?

    Wefting is the process of sewing the hair strands across in one straight line. The weft is sewn onto the braided track of hair in the client’s head. Weft hair is used for sew-in, glue and net weaving.  Porcelain Doll Hair uses a double drawn weft.

    Does the hair shed or tangle?

    All hair sheds. We use a double drawn weft so shedding is very minimal. We recommend using a weft sealer for added protection against shedding. Virgin hair should have minimal to no tangling. Longer hair lengths may experience some shedding around the nape, but hair should be easy to detangle by running your fingers through the ends first.  Weft Sealer or Fray Check can be purchased at a beauty salon store or fabric stores.

    I found a gray hair!! Why?

    Virgin hair is cut directly from a donor’s head therefore there may be gray hairs depending on the donor’s age and stress level. Don’t worry, virgin hair can be dyed or if you like the natural color look, the gray hairs and be tweezed out easily. Silky Strandz Hair inspects every bundle and grays are tweezed out.